Kin·dred /ˈkindrəd/ noun
One's family and relations.

Kindred is a task scheduling tool that helps owners of less popular pets organize, plan and keep track of their companion’s daily tasks and appointments.


Product, UI, Prototyping


Jan 2021 - Apr 2021  


Figma, Illustrator


Due to the immense popularity of cats and dogs as pets, the information and tools available overwhelmingly overshadow all other pet species within the market. On top of misconceptions and false information found in mass media depicting lesser owned pets as less important, It leaves their owners with barely any useful resources or tools to help care for their companion.


Create an easy and efficient pet care tool for owners of less popular pets that is catered towards their specific pet’s needs while helping build a healthy lifestyle and relationship.

How might we provide the information and tools needed in order to help owners of less popular pets understand, live and provide a healthy lifestyle between them and their companion.


I first took a look at what was currently the top recommended pet care apps in the market. I analyzed these tools on the inclusion of lesser owned pets, how well their features functionally was as well as their overall design and user experience.  Not only do they lack services for lesser owned pets but they also have inefficient designs that compromises the user experience.


In order to understand the user base better as well as identify their specific needs, I have mapped out two user personas. One to represent our primary audience (Emily) while the other represents our secondary audience (Edwin).

For a more in-depth understanding of our targeted user base please take a look at our PACT analysis.


Kindred is a task scheduling tool that helps owners of lesser owned pets organize, plan and keep track of their companion’s daily tasks and appointments. Learn to build a healthy lifestyle and relationship with your pet(s) through daily task recording and help provide the best life you can for your companion(s).



When users sign up for Kindred, they are met with a fast and fun onboarding process to set up their pets and contacts.


The dashboard serves as the main task management tab. Users are able to see their tasks for the day with remaining tasks on top and completed at the bottom of the list. Once the owner has completed a task, they may mark it off their list to keep track of what still needs to be done. Owners may also switch to a calendar view which allows users to view past, present and future days. Appointments will be marked on the calendar with a coloured dot to allow users to easily see when their past and upcoming appointments are/were.


This tab will allow users to add, edit and view their pet(s) information. Users may also keep track of and manage active and inactive tasks for specific pets.


Add co-owners to your pets in the “My Pets” tab by sharing your pets’ link or code. Multiple users may be added as “owners” to a pet, this allows all “owners” to have access to edit, add and complete information, tasks and appointments. This function makes task tracking easier when co-owning a pet. Say goodbye to having to text “have you fed our pet dinner yet?” ever again!


When creating a new task, the user may choose between a preset daily task, appointment or custom daily task. When selecting a preset task type, recommended setting will automatically be filled out, users may change the settings to suite their needs manual. Tips on recommended sections will be available to users by simply pressing on the “info” icon.


When creating an appointment task, users can choose a contact for better organization. They may also add new contacts here.


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