Tampons designed by females for females. Fluff is devoted to giving females the most comfortable experience while looking forward toward a sustainable future. Our Goal at Fluff is to eliminate as much plastic waste.



Periods are something each female has to deal with within their life and tampons have become a necessity for many of us. However, as the world today becomes more aware of our increasing environmental issues, the question that arises is “how sustainable can  tampons be?”


Harvard scientists’ study show that period products leaves an equivalent of 5.3 kg of CO2 in carbon footprint throughout a year. Plastic applicators are made with low-density polyethylene which takes centuries to biodegrade and most tampons are made some polyethylene fibers as well. Moreover, the plastic wrappers of tampons also contribute largely to this huge carbon footprint.

According to my research, a female will on average have 450 periods and use 11,000 tampons within their lifetime. This means there are over 45 billion period related products thrown into landfills each year and an estimated amount of 27,938 used tampons and applicators are found on the world's beaches every day. Furthermore, this number only contains the products that are properly disposed of and does not account of the ones that are flushed down toilets and end up in sewer systems and waterways.

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I took a quick survey amongst friends and colleagues to see what they do with their used tampons. The results showed that the majority of people wrapped it with toilet paper while a small portion of people said they put it onto their tampon wrappers. I wanted to design a package that could double as warping for discarding used tampons rather than using access paper. Our tampon warping makes discarding easy, after you have unwrapped the tampon and placed it into your applicator, place your used tampon inside the wrapping, roll it up and toss it into the trash.

The tampons we package are made with 100% organic cotton. They are grown without pesticides or insecticides and are free of any chemical dyes or fragrances so they are safe to use for everyone When discarded properly, these tampons can decompose within 6 months.

Applicators are the main contributors of waste therefore it was our goal to make it as sustainably as possible. Through some research, I discovered that there are reusable applicators and wanted to implement this into my packaging. Our reusable applicators are made with Polylactic Acid (PLA) which is sourced from reusable resources (such as corn starch or sugar cane)— this non toxic, environmentally friendly plastic will decompose within 3 months after discarding. Each package comes with 2 applicators (in case you lose one you have a backup) and will last about 3-6 months.


“Fluff” evokes happy emotions and brings joy to our users. Ice cream is a frozen and sweet dessert/snack that can be found all across the world and in almost all cultures. Ice cream is associated with positive emotions as many people have positive memories of it growing up. We decided to base our packaging off of an ice cream pint in hopes to evoke the same positive emotions of ice cream when they see our packaging on the shelf.

Inside of each package, you will find 88 tampons and on each tampon you will find an illustration of an ice cream flavour. There are a total of 10 different flavours that you could get; the outcome is to make it seem like you are grabbing a different flavour each time. This concept is commonly used in blind boxes and card packs; the excitement of not knowing what you will get is a thrill to many. This is done to evoke excitement and encourage the continued use of our brand.