UI/UX, Adobe Design Challenge

A social media and image sharing app designed for travellers to both document & share, as well as find inspiration for their next trip! Designed within 48 hours with an amazing team for the Airbnb x Adobe Challenge.


Product, UI, Prototyping


Mar 2020  


XD, Illustrator


Christine Chow & Sophie Zhou


Design a social media app that provides a way for travellers to share their trip photos and comments with family and friends.


Airbnb is an online destination rental marketplace which helps arrange lodging and experiences for tourists. The Airbnb community is full of people that love to travel, however currently there is no way for this community to share their experiences nor grab inspiration for their next trip. We have identified the main pain points we wanted to solve in our app Explair.


Explair: an extensive app for Airbnb that immerses users in visual stories of real-life traveller experiences as a fun way to connect and inform users about different experiences that await them around the world. Our goal is to open up the minds of travellers to where they can go rather than only using Airbnb to book a stay somewhere they are planning to go.

Explair has three focuses: discover, document, and inspire. The discovery page allows users to view and save others’ trips/experiences— of which saved lists and posts are linked to their respective Airbnb data. The camera function encourages users to document trips with photos/videos to inspire the world as they travel. All posts are documented in a timeline under the user’s profile as solo or group trips; the latter offers a collaborative mode allowing friends and family to add to the same trip. 




The landing page of the app allows users to discover new recommended and recently viewed posts. Simply swipe up from the bottom tab to view all saved posts. Users may also choose to filter using our recommended tag below the search bar.


Document experiences either by uploading a pre-existing photo or taking a photo using the built-in camera function. Each post corresponds with a lodging or experience listing on airbnb. It is encouraged to upload in real time as posts are then added to the specified trip and uploaded to create a timeline of the user’s trip.


Posts are documented unto a timeline which users can find under their profile. Users may share this trip with family & friends to either collaborate or simply to view their trip posts.


For Airbnbn hosts, their listings are synched to Explair and can be found under the profile tab. Relevant posts will show up under the specified listing. Other users may browse through these posts for an in depth review.


Users may save posts to specific lists for future inspiration tracking and planning. Lists are fully customizable to suit the user’s needs.


Users may search posts using either keywords or locations. Additionally, recommended popular searches will appear below the search bar which users may check out.

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